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Performance Meets Beauty

SNF’s Personal Care Division offers a wide range of rheology modifiers, thickeners, and film formers that provide thickening, conditioning, or suspending effects, as well as various sensorial secondary benefits such as rich feel, glossy texture, and freshness for Skin Care, Hair Care, and Bath & Shower product formulators.

SNF – Global Leader in Water-Soluble Polymer Manufacturing

SNF, headquartered in Andrézieux, France, is a leading global producer of water-soluble polymers with primary manufacturing sites in France, USA, and China.  Over the last 40 years, SNF has developed expertise in polymer chemistries designed for specialty markets, such as personal care and cosmetics.

SNF makes the best use of the newest polymerization technologies for synthesizing and manufacturing anionic, cationic, amphoteric, and nonionic polymers.  As an added advantage, SNF is back-integrated in the most strategic monomers to best serve our customers regarding product costs, quality, and supply.

This know-how in monomers, polymer design, and industrial process applications allows SNF to react and innovate according to changing trends and customer needs within the Personal Care market.

SNF Launches FLOCARE™ NAT 132; a Multifunctional Polymer Used to Create Skin Care Formulations with a High Natural Index

At In-Cosmetics® Global 2019 in Paris, SNF launched a new multi-functional inverse emulsion, FLOCARE™ NAT 132.  This polymer is 67% naturally derived, according to ISO 16128, and will reduce carbon footprint of skin care formulations due to cold processability by consuming less energy and water during the formulation process.  Efficient at low concentrations, FLOCARE™ NAT 132 offers fresh sensation during application and non-greasy softness while being a more sustainable solution to cream gel formulations.

Contact us now to discover this new ingredient and the formulations developed in our on-site laboratories.

Press Release Regarding Launch of FLOCARE™ NAT 132

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